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  1. VintihThehhNgu
  2. 1TMJ5S
    what is the consensus algorithm used in Alephium?
  3. Blitinksihhnyourarea
    Really I think 10000 tx/s very hard on blockchain
  4. HuntigHunhhg
    I have read that in your sharding algorithm, there are speci G segments c are segments in the groupIncludes transactions from group i to group i. Each segment in this group does not have dierent from a traditional blockchain. Can you explain more about this segment?
  5. Blitinksihhnyourarea
    Really can u do that???
  6. tritieu
    According to theory and testing, Alephium can reach 10000 TPS and it also supports smart contract in specific chains as well, so will Alephium become competitor of Ethereum? Since ETH usually got problem with scale, is your project confident to replace ETH position in crypto in the future?Dịch: Theo lý thuyết và thử nghiệm, Alephium có thể đạt tốc độ 10000 giao dịch/giây(TPS) và nó cũng hỗ trợ hợp đồng thông minh cho các chuỗi riêng biệt, vậy Alephium sẽ trở thành đối thủ cạnh tranh của ETH phải không? Khi mà ETH thường gặp vấn đề về mở rộng giao dịch, dự án của síp có tự tin để thay thế vị thế của ETH trong tương lai không?
  7. AlosDQOI
    To give a bit more technical details... Most of the existing approaches follows a similar approach using validators and periodical resharding mechanism. However, this approach is very hard to implement and suffers from security issues. Alephium’s scalable algorithm follows the evolution of computing architecture by combining DAG and sharing. DAG guarantees cross-shard security while sharding provides scalability. What’s more, Alephium’s algorithm is much easier to implement and to prove its security
  8. ChetingAlhheph
    We are the first one to combining sharding + DAG together to achieve full sharding without sacrificing security and decentralization. IOTA is not really scalable, since every node needs to download all the transactions. Zilliqa is not fully sharded as all the nodes share on global state.
  9. TrutingPhhhan
    If you have reached your goal, you must do it :c))))))))))))))))))))))))
  10. VintihThehhNgu
  11. ShitineZ
    There is one thing that I quite like from Harmony when AMA with them, is that the IEO on binance boosted the project's reputation very much. Blockium has strong potential and partners, wishing to grow strongly why choose Bitforex and Coineal, 2 Exchanges that are very underestimated in IEO? @wachmc
  12. KhotingDuhhyVI
    i see, Dag is hot technology right now
  13. nTun7444
    You are creating a potential project, I love the numbers
  14. BlatickSphhide
    Hi @wachmc can you beat zil ???
  15. AlosDQOI
    Achieving consensus for sharded blockchain is much more challenging than single blockchain. The innovative consensus algorithm used in Alephium is a combination of DAG + PoW. We first use dedicated DAG data structure to select proper forks for different shards. Then we use PoW for achieving finality across all shards. The advantage of this consensus algorithm is its simplicity (ready for use in today) and high security and decentralization (same as bitcoin).
  16. CngtiPhmBhhloc
    Hope be choose
  17. KhotingDuhhyVI
    but how is Alephium different from other projects aiming to solve the scalability problem?
  18. BlatickSphhide
    Are you open pool right now
  19. NgutiynDuhhyBo
    I found very little information about alephium on google and the telegram group of alephium less than 600 members. This shows that the construction of alephium community is not good. So is this detrimental to the project and how to solve this problem of allephium?
  20. BlatickSphhide
    I interested

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