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  1. VintihThehhNgu
  2. DavtiidH
    thats correct :c))))))))))))))))))))))))
  3. VintihThehhNgu
  4. TontiLLoahhn
    Can I access the sdk or MVP rightnow ?
  5. TritiPhunhhg
    Do you have partnership with amd and ultra
  6. Emmtianuehhl-U
    Vietnam is a very important market for Ultra. I'm sorry I didn't reply to you, but I'm receiving many offers everyday and the best way is to send an email to: contact@ultra.io or wait for the IEO crazyness to settle down a bit.
  7. Nictiolashh-ul
    We can't comment on that
  8. Emmtianuehhl-U
  9. VintihThehhNgu
  10. DavtiidH
    Emerging markets like vietnam are going to benefit tremendeousely from blockchain technology. Maybe faster than western countries. Vitnam is on our target list ^^
  11. Emmtianuehhl-U
    No it's only for game devs, but in the next 3 months it will be open to public!
  12. CngtiML
    Ultra has its own blockchain ?
  13. KhotingDuhhyVI
    Both @nighty9 and @davidhultra are CEO right ? Could you tell my why you guys have two ceo. This seems unique :c))))
  14. Emmtianuehhl-U
    Sure you will be able to. One click mining. Very easy for all players to use!
  15. BlatickSphhide
    I see on wp, only click a button
  16. VintihThehhNgu
  17. LontigHi
    bit lại ỉa chảy
  18. Emmtianuehhl-U
    Totally Ultra blockchain built on EOSIO.
  19. DavtiidH
    You might have tried something else, we have not released our platform to the public yet
  20. CRYtiPTOJhhVevermind
    Con ultra đào đc à mn?

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