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  1. TrntihTruhhngD
    có cấm đâu chỉ kick thôi
  2. BintihNguhhyen
    chào các abnj
    lúc sang các bạn co ai vào các coin minh cho tin hiêu lúc sang k
    hiện đang đươc tăng điều
  3. HoatingMT
    It is very difficult to find information about you guys, don't you want to announce it soon? Or marketing is your weakness? @Penggg2019
  4. NgutiynDuhhyBo
    The goal of alephium is to scale blockchain to handle tens of thousands of transactions per second in an open, secure and permission-less network. So is that goal actually applied or is it just on trial?
  5. PentigCui
    We will try to answer each question, one by one.
  6. ThotiPhng
    Why is there very little information on alephium on Google? Because the community is not strong enough?@wachmc
  7. KhatinhtmhhTT
    Only questio
  8. HoatingNghhhia
    Tôi đã phát hiện ra, Alephium chia mã thông báo được tạo bởi ba loại và tôi có một câu hỏi rằng các loại thông báo được tạo ra để trao đổi, vì trao đổi, có giá trị, vậy tại sao Alephium tạo ra một loại có thể hoán đổi cho nhau, đây là gì loại thường được tạo cho? Và tại sao?
  9. HoatingMT
    Which area will your project thrive on? Good transaction speed on other areas? Give us some more information.
  10. ThotiPhng
    2019 Q4 - 2020 Q1  How will Testnet be further enhanced with performance, security and protocol factors?
  11. AlosDQOI
    Alephium is simple, efficient, secure and practical compared to other sharding projects. The core sharding algorithm BlockFlow has the same minimal network assumptions as Bitcoin. The user experience of Alephium would be the same as single blockchain, thanks to its native cross-shard transactions. Alephium is a permissionless decentralized platform, everyone could contribute to the consensus of its network. The elegant design of BlockFlow enables us to implement Alephium much quicker than other projects.If we consider sharding projects from all these dimensions, there is really no competitors including all these important features.
  12. tritieu
    ^ dang ama Alephiu
  13. HoatingMT
    lộn ama rồi
  14. HuntigHunhhg
    I have found out, Alephium divided the token created by three types, and I have a question that the types of announcements that are made for exchange, because of the exchange, are valuable, so why did Alephium create an interchangeable type, what is this type usually created for? And why?
  15. nTun7444
    They often ask for permission, share your project, what are you building it for, you realize what is money? @Penggg2019
  16. CootilHi
    How does Alephium differ from existing sharding projects?
  17. ThotiPhng
    Why should smart contracts be separated into tokens and data protocols?
  18. tritieu
    Alephium will use a new innovative consensus algorithm called BlockFlow. So can you introduce somethings special about this algorithm? What does make it different from other exist algorithms?Dịch: Alephium sẽ dùng một thuật toán đồng thuận mới được sáng tạo gọi là BlockFlow. Vậy, bạn có thể giới thiệu một vài điều đặc biệt về thuật toán này? Điều gì tạo nên sự khác biệt của nó với những thuật toán đã tồn tại?@Penggg2019 @wachmc
  19. ChetingAlhheph
    Ya, sharding would slow down the performance of a single node, but not too much. The throughput and the performance in total, summing up all the shards, would be much higher than a single blockchain. However it is more chanllanging to do sharding. That's why we proposed our innovative blockflow algorithm
  20. DuctiTung
    I have read that in your sharding algorithm, there are speci G segments c are segments in the groupIncludes transactions from group i to group i. Each segment in this group does not have dierent from a traditional blockchain. Can you explain more about this segment?

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