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  1. ThotiPhng
    Alephium is known to allow developers to build applications that support high concurrent scenarios while maintaining the complete functionality of Turing's smart contracts. How did Alephium do it?
  2. 1TMJ5S
    What is Blockflow algorithm? What is it special about it that you choose, but not other algorithms, what benefit does it have for users? @Alephium
  3. Mastiterkhhu
    Hi for Alephium
    I see in your website
  4. tritieu
    xong 4 câu r đợt tlời và đợi chấm của síp
  5. Mastiterkhhu
    Alep is the first scalable blockchain platform
    Support cross shard transaction nativr
  6. VintihThehhNgu
  7. tittiichuhht
    How is Alephium different from the other sharding projects ? @tytyty321
  8. Mastiterkhhu
    Can you explan about cross shard transaction native?????
  9. KhotingDuhhyVI
    wow, it's make Alephium special.
  10. HuotibiFahhn10
    Rồi có list huobi hay sàn to nào ko
  11. ChetingAlhheph
    That's a good question. Probably you have seen a lot of project claiming they are doing sharding. However, for example, Zilliqa is not fully sharded, and Ethereum 2.0 is still work in progress. Alephium is really ready for today because we have a complete algorithm workable in our whitepaper. We have implemented our Alpha version as well. Later, when I got time, I will share our Demo in this group. Thanks!
  12. HuotibiFahhn10
    Hay lại list coinal nhi8haha
  13. HuntigHunhhg
    In your protocol, you support creating and deleting custom tokens. You want to make the token as easy as possible, so do you think if this makes many empty tokens make resources wasteful? And how to fix this?
  14. KhotingDuhhyVI
    We want to know how you guys can solve the single-shard takeover attack (called 1% attack in the past)?
  15. AnhtiKhoa
    Thanks for that information.
    The game field is currently used by many other currencies, so do you think it will create a breakthrough to attract investors?
  17. quatinghuhhy09
    That means your project good more than eth 2.0
  18. tritieu
    hình như câu này blockium síp :<
  19. quatinghuhhy09
    Are you have mining like eth
  20. Newtibie
    It is known that Alephium is a high-throughput public blockchain platform that can expand to ten thousand transactions per second without sacrificing hierarchy and security. So to achieve such achievements: What is the consensus algorithm used in Alephium?Dịch:Được biết, Alephium là một nền tảng blockchain công cộng có thông lượng cao, có thể mở rộng tới mười nghìn giao dịch mỗi giây mà không phải hy sinh sự phân cấp và bảo mật. Vậy để đạt thành tích như thế: Thuật toán đồng thuận được sử dụng trong Alephium là gì? @wachmc

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