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  1. KyltieNguhhyen
    mà ko biết nhận token bep2 ntn
  2. NgutiynThhhng
    Nó chọn gói nào đó kyle
  3. KyltieNguhhyen
    thôi đi ăn tối đã
    hẹn gặp lại ae nhé
    vã quá
  4. MrAtillin
    vẫn đang bán bên bitforex thì phải
    nghe nói ế lắm sếp
  5. LThiCFYH
    bye sếp
  6. KyltieNguhhyen
    Ko biết ntn
    Kyle có mua đâu

    cho thì lấy
  7. MrAtillin
    In Blockium I am interested in Blockium's public blockchain technique, what is this technical highlight? What are the advantages of Blockium technology compared to other projects? @GuyorenBlockium @GiladBlockium
  8. Dobtiati3
    @GiladBlockium every blockchain have different techology underlying. So what is yours? I mean about algorithms
  9. TrutingTrhhan
    Link ?
  10. MrAtillin
    Is there any connection between Blockium with Microsoft and amazon? @GuyorenBlockium @GiladBlockium
  11. NgutiynDuhhyBo
    In December 201, blockium will proceed to expand the market to Asia. So does blockium think Vietnam is a potential market? Will there be any preferential policies for users from Vietnam? And does blockium intend to cooperate with VBC, a large community in Vietnam to build community in Vietnam?
  12. AnhtiNguyhhenH
    Hi @GiladBlockium With the current complicated and diversified state of crypto, would you recommend people go straight to investing/trading, or instead practice on trading simulators? (Such as Blockium)
  13. HHTCS4
    Will Blockium do IEO, this will help much on marketing
  14. MartikPhahhmH
    The Project you are conducting IEO on Bitforex trading floor. However, I feel that liquidity as well as the number of purchase tokens may not be as expected, is this included in your plan? If you cannot sell all of these IEO token, do you have a backup plan to assist people who have purchased the IEO?
  15. HuntigHunhhg
    Currently many projects are directed at this game industry like NEO, so Zoro is a follower like Blockium. Are there challenges or difficulties that are encountered before? And what plan or plan of the plan? Blockium to compete with big projects like NEO, ZORO?Dich:Hiện tại nhiều dự án đang hướng đến ngành công nghiệp game này như NEO, Zoro.Và với một người đi sau như Blockium, Có những thách thức hoặc khó khăn gặp phải trước mắt ? Và kế hoạch hay kế hoạch trong tương lai của Blockium để cạnh tranh với các dự án lớn như NEO, ZORO?@GiladBlockium
  16. Baotigivb
    @GiladBlockium Why did Blockium choose bitforex and coineal, not binance or huobi to sell the IEO?
  17. Dobtiati3
    @GiladBlockium everyone know that the triangle problem of blockchain is security, decentrailization and speed. They only choose 2 of them. So how abour your project? @GuyorenBlockium
  18. NgutiynThhhng
    Blockium was born 525 days, bitbattle only 222 days.
    Zoro k làm game, ok
  19. SumtioTorhho
    Can't any projects just transfer to the bep chain, doesn't mean you will get binance exchange?
  20. HuntigHunhhg
    Em nhầm

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