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  1. MintihQuahhn
    When separated hot and cold wallet setup, what are the benefits of users? Can you explain the customer protection mechanism?
  2. Newtibie
    The total supply of UAT is currently 350 M and it is known that you have permanently locked 150 M only circulating at 30M, so what is the reason for permanently locking a large amount of UAT?
  3. CootilHi
    Currently, projects in this industry are very useful in the field of accounting and fund so why did you choose it to develop UAT? are you going to challenge this industry and want to go further? it is known that your group of financial experts and Wall Street financiers, bank staff, and project developers are not about the UAT but you want to conquer something new about it. is the financial sector in this blockchian industry right? @XuQing @chrisjinjin.
  4. ThytiThy
    3. Why does the Investor pay for services on UltrAlpha with UAT token? Will this token be permanently locked? How this use for?4. To become an UltrAlpha loyal customer, what do users need to meet? And what benefits will users receive from UltrAlpha?
  5. PHAtiMTAN
    When will The Permanent Lock-up tokens be implemented? Does that affect the price of tokens on the market?
  6. lootikinghhhtt
    How high is the security level of the project so that our assets are at risk of being stolen as 0%?
  7. LentianaVhho
    It is known that 10% of the profits of each product will be put into the fund that one-third is used to buy UAT in the secondary market and lock permanently, whether such an action could push UAT's price to increase, but the amount Is it a good idea to reduce traffic?
  8. LantiHuonhhg
    What programs do you have to encourage users to join the UltrAlpha ecosystem?
  9. ThutiyNguhhyen
    Where does UltrAlpha's main profit come from? What will the ecosystem do to facilitate and benefit both investors and platforms?
  10. TintiNguyhhn
    To Become A UAT Investor What to Do?Most important is the security issue for the Ultralpha investment fund? So what is the security of Ultralpha?
  11. ThotiPhng
    4. Where did the team get the idea to build Ultralpha?  What does the project name Ultralpha mean?5. Why does UltrAlpha (UAT) choose to build and develop the Blockchain of Ethereum in ERC-20?  In the future, will Ultralpha plan to build a platform?6. Do you have any plans to push UAT token prices and put UAT on top of Coinmarket?
  12. QuatinBao
    What experience does the Ultralpha team have about electronic trading? What are the successes that the team has achieved?
  13. AustitinMhhark
    Where does UltrAlpha core profit come from? How will your team make UAT become a win-win solution for both investors and platform?
  14. TuotingVy
    How is the investment of users stored?  How is the fee for that storage calculated?  What is the insurance policy when there is a risk?
  15. Prititz
    Do you have plans to integrate fiat payments in the UltrAlpha and how regions are you currently focusing? @XuQing @han_liu_uat @chrisjinjin
  16. VistihalKhhuma
    What kind of use cases or challenges does your project looking to solve?What is the future orientation of this project?
  17. ApotilloThheam
    Blockchain technology is not the focus of the platform, so what is the focus of your platform? Does it work well for the blochain ecosystem?
  18. PintikeyThhheB
    1 The promotion of the ultra project image I find great. People organize many amas like this to promote the project very well. So let giàng ơi ask ultra how are you promoting your project?2 How does Ultra attract investors to its projects?3 Does Ultra plan to build its own mainnet? That will help the token grow4 Please state why users must chooses ultra and not other projects?
  19. shitinichhhikudo
    With blockchain being such a young industry, partnerships are an integral component of any project’s journey. Which types of partnerships have UAT already attained and what are the plans on this front moving forward ?
  20. CootilHi
    What are some of the difficulties you've experienced in this industry today? how you fix it @XuQing @chrisjinjin.

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