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  1. LintihiEthhhpl
    When using Exchange on ethereum classic, is it safe for users? What technology does Ethereum Classic use for security? Does ethereum classic plan to create etc mining so users can mine etc safely?
  2. TintiNguyhhn
    High transaction speed and security, two indispensable factors in most projects, with Ethereum Classic, that is the most important thing. So how does Ethereum Classicuy maintain this stability? What is the reason behind Ethereum Classic seeking your Country's patent for their work? If this is really decentralized and open source, what is the logic behind a patent?
  3. NgutiynThhhng
    1. Which inspiration has led you to founding Ethereum Classic and what is your most important goal when you founded Ethereum Classic ?2. Why Ethereum Classic Labs cooperating with iZbreaker ? What will iZbreaker help to Ethereum Classic Labs and vice versa?3. How is Ethereum Classic different, pros and cons compared to Ethereum?@LuciferXK
  4. An-tiOceahhnEx
    When moon Sir @LuciferXK?
  5. LavtiilCahhvin
    I know that ETC will launch ETC 2.0? Is there anything that stands out, and how does it help increase ETC's competitiveness?
  6. TuotingVy
    Stevan Lohja from Ethereum Classic Labs said that many of the top cryptocurrencies would be "destroyed" by Ethereum Classic (ETC) if they removed "Ethereum" from its name.  So have you decided to change your name?
  7. MintihThahhiVB
    At night, depends on your time zone.
  8. BittiCoinhhs
    Do I do this to limit loss? May I like a one-way lock from Phone ? @LuciferXK
  9. Comtibot
    :rocket: Minh Thai | VBC vừa lên cấp 15! Chúc mừng nhé :c))))
  10. Pintikey
    These 2 blockchains switched to private activities. Why is there a split up where ethereum classic doesn't work like it did before?Can you introduce ethereum classic development team to giàng ơi and everyone else?
  11. ChitiPuchhhick
    Do ETC transactions speed can faster than ETH? How much transactions a second?
  12. Chotithushhiml
    ETC is an anonymous crypto currency developed since 2016 that has a strong and good value community on coinmarketcap. However, there are many anonymous coins such as Monero, Zcash, PIVX, XVG, Dash ... and recently Beam, Grin ... with new technology being appreciated. So what does Team have to develop and attract partners, users who use ETC platform? What difference does ETC’s technology differ from other projects?
  13. dintihgiahhng
    Ethereum Classic (ETC) will hard fork on September 13, 2019. What is Ethereum Classic hard fork?  What are the new improvements after the hard fork?
  14. HosoP7L2
    1. Team's plan to attract users to track ETC and keep ETC? How to get ETC rewards?2. What is the highlight of the public blockchain technique of ETC? What are the advantages of ETC technology compared to other projects?
  15. ETHti300
    A recent piece of information suggests that Byzantium and Constantinople could disrupt the immutability of existing smart contracts. Does the project think about this issue? Does it affect ETC? Just like the current Ethereum network?
  16. ChrtiistihhanX
    imearth, [30.08.19 22:xl2]What is your strategy to fund the marketing campaign for ETC that will be needed to gain visibility and build a user base? @LuciferXKWe always cooperate with the local community teams. Like we have Chinese community, Korean community and Japanese community. Local team knows their members best. And we will do online/offline events togther to raise the awareness.
  17. LiBi21CO
    Why do you take a conservative approach to changes? What does it help for Ethereum Classic?
  18. LeLtian
    @LuciferXK What are the highlights of Ethereum Classic blockchain technology? What are the advantages of Ethereum Classic technology over other projects?
  19. An-tiOceahhnEx
    Hmm, From my understanding. When ETC pump and after that the market will go to the hell. Are you able to confirm about that @LuciferXK
  20. TeatimM
    In the future, does ETC have any plans to establish investment funds to support and invest in blockchain projects ?

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