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  1. TintiNguyhhn
    What is the difference that #troy trade can confidently defeat other crypto rivals for traders to choose? when there are many projects like me, for example bituniverse
  2. SuptierHihhCTr
    Q1: What are the TROY tokens used for in the Troy ecosystem?Q2: Which Blockchain will the TROY tokens be issued on?Q3: What are the highlights of Troy Trade compared to other platforms?
  3. yoyoN21K
    How TROY token will work as a circulating blood in this organic network?What is the token utility and what are the use cases?#Ama
  4. TrntiDuyThhhng
    Where does the idea of ​​the project come from?
  5. Bhatiskar
    Currently, we all know every exchange success is dependent on working and excellent product and hype and userbase of traders my question is, how will troy network attract users to use your platform, how is your plan to create hype, so users will attract what your plan is on it?
  6. LeLtian
    Could you share tokenmetrics of the project? And what about plans for IEO or some other public sales? @KiraTROY
  7. LXutinNghhha
    Since the beginning of the project, have you encountered any difficulties? How can you overcome those difficulties?
  8. An-tiOceahhnEx
    What is your current progress towards achieving that vision?
  9. TuotingVy
    You are a broker so you need to attract lots of Pariticipants to join the network.  So what policies do you have or what stand out to attract them?So far has Troy achieved any outstanding achievements?
  10. Zartidik
    How Troy created? What about Troy and consumer protection? Can Troy scale to become a major payment network?
  11. Davtiemonhheyb
    Troy's ultimate success is arguably determined by building an incomparable crypto trading Ecosystem! How does TROY network tends to achieve this significant vision?? What strategic plans should we be expecting from the Troy team?
  12. HIEtiPHOAhhNG
    I have a question whether Troy Trade can combine with centralized and decentralized advantages most easily? and how can it be traded REDEFINE?
  13. Davtiiddahhrtd
    What are the next planned steps to increase TROY Adoption and awareness among People ?What has been the biggest technical challenge that you overcame this year or you are going to overcome this year?
  14. RazZ12J
    Q:What are the major milestones you achieved since Token Sale?
  15. MintihQuahhn
    Is Troy Trade a playground for traders? Is trading at Troy Trade different from trading directly on the exchanges?
  16. tritieu
    Q4: How will the KYC system on Troytrade work? Do users need to complete KYC on each exchange to have the right to trade on Troy platform?Q5: Which target customers does Troytrade serve? Is your platfrom suitable for both ordinary and professional traders?Q6: What is the role of Defi in Troy network in ecosystem since i saw it in White Paper? Does Troy Network have cooperations with Defi organizations or projects to integrate it when your system is ready?
  17. PHAtiMTAN
    What is the difference between a normal cryptocurrency transaction and a cryptocurrency transaction on the TROY platform?
  18. MartiginMhharg
    High transaction speed and security, two indispensable factors in most projects, with TROY , that is the most important thing. So how does TROY uy maintain this stability? What is the reason behind TROY seeking your Country's patent for their work? If this is really decentralized and open source, what is the logic behind a patent?
  19. ApotilloThheam
    The success of troy trade is based on the number of users and cooperative partners, so now and in the future who are Troy's partners?
  20. MintihThahhiVB
    Ok guys, muting now. @KiraTROY , you can choose any questions to answer. Please let giàng ơi know to continue when you finish.

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