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  1. AdrtiianDhhobr
    The most notable difference is that Elrond does horizontal scaling with State Sharding which includes network sharding, transaction sharding and data sharding. Zilliqa tries to solve scalability by addressing half of the problem, and that is by doing network and transaction sharding - so it improves somewhat the scalability and the network can process about 2500 TPS (2828 TPS with 3600 nodes). The network sharding is not optimum however as all the shards still need to synchronize the entire state of the system leading to communication overhead. It does not solve the hardest part of the problem which is state sharding. Having no State Sharding basically means for Zilliqa that every node in the network has to store the entire state of the blockchain. In very high throughput blockchains the storage requirements grows very fast. A validator needs some special hardware to keep up with this kind of demand. Elrond solves the storage problems, by also sharding state, so that every node in the network has to store just a part of the entire state, the one corresponding for it’s shard.Zilliqa still uses PoW in order to prevent Sybil attacks, while Elrond uses PoS, a much more energy efficient way to prevent Sybil attacks. Ziliqa PoW validator is required to have special hardware to run a node and it only runs in Ubuntu OS. Elrond validator has low system requirements and runs on Windows, Linux and Mac as well. Regarding the smart contracts processing Elrond will distribute Smart Contracts among all shards in order to be able to paralelize Smart Contract execution.
  2. MintihThahhiVB
    Thank you @AdrianDobrita .
    Question 5: What do you need to do to join the Battle of Nodes? Is this your decentralized game you plan to launch in the third quarter?Question 6: Who is the biggest partner of the project?
  3. AdrtiianDhhobr
    for Q5. Battle of Nodes is a public adversarial game that will combine all the metrics together and produce the highest level of stress testing the protocol. We expect it to start in aprox. 2 weeks from now, and hope to get as many contributors as possible. We have designed a new landing page to ease up the participation process, and we’ll make it available before the battle of nodes starts. Meanwhile, if you are a developer, we invite you to our developer channel - https://riot.im/app/#/room/#elrond:matrix.org and to run an Elornd node check out the documentation at https://docs.elrond.com/start-a-validator-node/start-the-network
  4. BentiiamihhnMi
    Asnwer to question 6: We have always targeted partners that have already proven their value in a certain niche, so in this direction we have Netopia which is the largest payment provider in Romania and through this over 60 merchants will be able to accept ERD overnight. We have a partnership with Distributed Systems Research Laboratory through which we extend our influence and presence in the Universities medium. And among other partnerships we have NASH, with which we’ve had a very good relationship for a very long time. All our partners play an important role in the growth of Elrond ecosystem and we are excited to grow the number of our collaborations in the following period. Our most recent partnership with Holo will be very useful because the integration of the two technologies will provide to developers and dApps within each ecosystem better and more flexible tools. Additionally we will provide fast and secure finality via Elrond to payment applications requiring it on Holo.
  5. BentiiamihhnMi
    Answer to Q 7: Vietnam is a priority for us. We understand the value of our Vietnamese community this is why we plan to increase our presence in the following period. We already have a telegram community which is growing incredibly day by day. Many more Elrond articles are being published in Vietnamese. Essentially we want to make sure our friends in Vietnam can benefit from the Elrond technology, they can understand what can be gained from participating and they can jump on board to help with adoption.
  6. BentiiamihhnMi
    Answer to Q8: We are indeed lucky to have some truly exceptional people in our team. The small guerilla type of task-force team has been very easy to manage making it possible to advance so much in such a short period of time. Every single member of our team complements each other and each fructifies his/her strong points - this is how we ended up delivering one of the best blockchains available to the public.
  7. MintihThahhiVB
    Thanks for your answer, @beniaminmincu .
  8. Comtibot
    :rocket: Minh Thai | VBC vừa lên cấp 5! Chúc mừng nhé :c))))
  9. MintihThahhiVB
    Question 9: Why do you choose to work on interoperability and how is Elrond different from the existing projects like AION & Cosmos?Question 10: Ideally towards which direction is Elrond going? Becoming the go-to blockchain for financial enterprises, gaming platforms or any other use?
  10. KyltieNguhhyen
    Anh em chuẩn bị câu hỏi đến phần tự do nhé, ai ngủ gật thì làm cốc cà phê nghen
  11. AdrtiianDhhobr
    Answer for Question 9: Until now our main focus has been scalability. We have however analysed the existing interoperability solutions and are currently considering to integrate Cosmos' IBC (Inter Blockchain Communication).
  12. BentiiamihhnMi
    Answer 10: As previously mentioned Elrond is an infrastructure that can handle the transactional demands of different companies/corporations or industries. This gives us flexibility to offer our solution to a lot of enterprises and not only. Of course the financial sector makes sense for us, but also as previously mentioned the IoT and machine to machine communication is something we target in particular.
  13. MintihThahhiVB
    I am glad to hear that, better to be a cooperator than a competitor :tkh
  14. KyltieNguhhyen
    Do you think IBC Cosmos will be come a global hub for many blockchain in future?
  15. MintihThahhiVB
    Thanks two of you for all great answers, @beniaminmincu , @AdrianDobrita . Now, it is time for our community to bring some heat to the AMA. :c))))ap:
  16. An-tiOceahhnEx
    I saw a VNamese Elrond Channel is really helpful but they are not the official. Are you consider doing one ?
  17. hantiphan
    @AdrianDobrita can you explain the fee how to calculate when you use 1% fee to return the invest ...
  18. HoutiyAoi
    Hi! Can you tell giàng ơi the real use case of Elrond? @beniaminmincu @AdrianDobrita
  19. dmzti91zehht
    What would success look like in 2 years for Elrond project?
  20. Plutito-AhhTOM
    You mentioned Algorand a lot in whitepaper, is this your main rival?

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