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  1. ThotiPhng
    Elrond group reduced the time needed to select consensus groups from 12 seconds to less than one second. What benefit does this have for Elrond?
  2. MaxtixH
    Why you choose Elrond for the name of your project? @beniaminmincu
  3. AtomWFSW
    What the next development direction of the project?
  4. KhatinhtmhhTT
    What is Elrond vision and what ‘s your biggest challenges ?
  5. Huytidzai
    Which object is targeted by Elrond to be use to build on Elrond's technology? Dapps or Centrailized? If Dapps, which type of Dapps do you targeted? Game or anything else?
  6. AnhtiNguyhhenH
    @beniaminmincu why did you choose Elrond for your project name?Are you a fan of LOTR?
  7. HoatingMT
    Let's say Elrond outcompetes other similar projects and become the leader in the field. How Elrond will benefit an average Bob and the community in general? And what steps are taken to facilitate the adoption, since the simplicity of user's interface is not less important, than the tech itself.
  8. HoutiyAoi
    Who are Elrond's customer now? @beniaminmincu @AdrianDobrita
  9. MintihThahhiVB
    @beniaminmincu @AdrianDobrita Our guests can choose any approriate questions for them to answer.
  10. HoutiyAoi
    Can you talk a little bit about the result of Elrond testnet? When mainnet is released? @beniaminmincu @AdrianDobrita
  11. AtomWFSW
    What makes you confident your project will overcome other projects? @beniaminmincu
  12. Luatinpn
    In each elrond transaction, which side will the percentage be divided between burning and fundraising?
  13. PintikeyThhheB
    How much is Elrond transaction processing speed? @beniaminmincu
  14. RittiaOcehhanE
    What is the long term strategy of Elrond when more and more competitors join the market ? @beniaminmincu @AdrianDobrita
  15. dmzti91zehht
    What is the desired number of nodes to be achieved in order to show Elrond’s potential for scalability?How many coins are needed for staking? 
  16. HoutiyAoi
    Hello, there's a way to receive passive ERD for hodl or setting a node? @beniaminmincu @AdrianDobrita
  17. PintikeyThhheB
    does Elrond now meet formidable opponents? If so, does Elrond have any plans to develop it? @beniaminmincu @AdrianDobrita
  18. ThotiPhng
    Hello. I have 3 questions for you. 9. Elrond group reduced the time needed to select consensus groups from 12 seconds to less than one second. What benefit does this have for Elrond? 10. The field of public blockchain is a strong competitive field. The list of competitors continues, including large projects Ethereum, Zilliqa, Binance Chain, Cardano, EOS, MultiVAC, Hashgraph, Quarkchain, Harmony, NEO, Kadena, Dfinity and Algorand. So what's Elrond special to be able to compete with rivals? 11. Although TPS is not everything, it is worth mentioning that although Bitcoin and Ethereum currently have slow transaction speeds, they both benefit from major upgrades and developments such as Lightning Network and Casper + sharding. When the upgrades become reasonable, will Elrond stand out in the group of competitors?@beniaminmincu @AdrianDobrita
  19. PintikeyThhheB
    WHat is Elrond future development plan? @beniaminmincu @AdrianDobrita
  20. LamO97U
    After listed in Binance, Elrond is dropping, any action will be taken to stable the value ?

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