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  1. HoutiyAoi
  2. BentiiamihhnMi
    Our current focus is to continue shipping really good technology, and bring this technology to real businesses.We are also doing marketing across many channels, to raise awarness about Elrond. Once we deliver all of this and launch, Elrond should be in the big league among the most ambitious projects in the space.
  3. Huytidzai
    Which is the most important thing on ERD to be better with another blockchain? Speed, Security or Decentrailize?
  4. BentiiamihhnMi
    Execution. We have the testnet up and running right now. We can process more than 10k TPS, and in fact yesterday we have done records of 65k TPS. All this is avaliable right now: testnet.elrond.comPlus now we can connect this to real businesses, that's something you don't really see in the space.
  5. Newtibie
    Elrond said that "We have a GO strategy to market the market to bring up new developers, enhance security and encourage developers to build on the Elrond Network." Even so, just building is not enough. There are tons of sponsors and documents for developers (certainly, may not be ideal), but the problem is the user. What will users see in Elrond?
  6. dmzti91zehht
    What is the desired number of nodes to be achieved in order to show Elrond’s potential for scalability?How many coins are needed for staking? 
  7. LentianaVhho
    To help onboarding, do you plan to work with projects like Quant Network, Unibright, etc, who aim to provide blockchain services for businesses?
  8. AdrtiianDhhobr
    In the latest testnet demo we had yesterday we managed to reach 65k tps (I think there was a peak of 70k but need to check) with only 20 shards. we have done this on a separate testnet than the public one, but the setup is similar, the nodes are mostly t2 medium. I am saying the most because the machines handling the elastic search have been different.
  9. HIEtiPHOAhhNG
    Elrond is targeting markets in Europe and big markets like China and India. And how the marketing strategy attracts the community from you. Are you targeting such as S.Korea as the best place to develop the electronic money community?
  10. An-tiOceahhnEx
    Do we need to hold any Elrond and KYC to receive it as we have been supported Elrond for a long time from the begining.
  11. LavtiilCahhvin
    With regards to expansion , in the future, what do you think of Africa, the blockchain awareness here is large but most projects do not consider expanding to this area.It will be an advantage for Elrond, the question is, is Elrond willing to take this advantage?
  12. BentiiamihhnMi
    We are the first to have all 3 in a better version than other blockchains.We have speed and throughput through adaptive state sharding, processing more than 10k TPS, we have security through secure proof of stake, and we also have decentralization through our incentives for staking.Elrond is the solution you are looking for.
  13. ApotilloThheam
    I have not found any practical use of Elrond Network, so what effect does it have in attracting investors? @beniaminmincu
  14. HoutiyAoi
  15. DantiVoichhu
    No you won’t need to hold ERD for this distribution round. Starting with the next one, you will have to hold a pre-set amount of ERD
  16. Huytidzai
    But it will have many problem need to solve right? How can your team do that?
  17. ETHti300
    I see that ERD use cases include IOT and Dapps. Is it possible to run ERD nodes on a smart phone/ smart devices? What make ERD unique to it's competitor in the field of IOT and Dapps?
  18. An-tiOceahhnEx
    So cool. We can't wait to see it. Hopefully it will be back soon.
  19. DuytiNgo
    Amazing :c)))) thanks @beniaminmincu
  20. BentiiamihhnMi
    We have already solve a majority of the technical problems. You can see this in the paper, documentation and testnet that is up and running. We are now moving forward faster than ever. Be sure to check docs.elrond.com for more info :raised_hands:

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