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  1. RittiaOcehhanE
    Chắc tưởng end rồi
  2. MintihThahhiVB
    So it seems we run out of questions, too. ^^
  3. NhUtiyn
    After listing binance, which plan will the project be listed on? why ? @beniaminmincu
  4. Plutito-AhhTOM
    hết r à
  5. tritieu
    time has passed so fast but it was fun and enjoyable
  6. MintihThahhiVB
    One hour already.
  7. dmzti91zehht
    What would success look like in 2 years for Elrond project?
  8. BentiiamihhnMi
    Will announce this at the right time. Focus on execution for now.
  9. HoatingMT
    nhanh quớ
  10. PintikeyThhheB
    Thanks you sir
  11. KhatinhtmhhTT
  12. Plutito-AhhTOM
    thanks sir for tonight
    sweet night
  13. BentiiamihhnMi
    Elrond adopted by some of the largest tech infrastructure companies and IoT in the world. Elrond used by hundreds of startups in the blockchain space.Given the great blockchain adoption growth we are targeting Elrond to be in the top 3-5 projects in the space.
  14. Comtibot
    :rocket: Beniamin Mincu | Elrond vừa lên cấp 2! Chúc mừng nhé :c))))
  15. DantiVoichhu
    So what’s next for Elrond? As we prepare to announce more info on the “Battle of Nodes” and open source the Elrond VM in 1–2 weeks, you can join our riot channel, contribute to our early documentation, run some nodes, play with the explorer and the wallet, and if you feel really adventurous, come contribute to the Elrond Github. It’s still early days for Elrond, but things keep improving really fast. Here are our socials:Telegram: @ElrondNetworkWebsite: https://elrond.comTwitter: https://twitter.com/ElrondNetworkGithub: github.com/elrondnetworkTestnet: testnet.elrond.comIt would be great to have you join us! Thank you very much for joining our AMA.
  16. MintihThahhiVB
    Save the chart later, Bill. We are ending our AMA.
  17. BentiiamihhnMi
    Thanks a lot guys for being hear. It's to share all these info about Elrond :raised_hands:

    Looking forward to seeing you in our community!
  18. AdrtiianDhhobr
    Thanks guys
  19. Plutito-AhhTOM

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