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  1. Chatirlie
    Ôi trời, lâu lắm mới thấy bác @HungVietPham nổi sóng
  2. Leotioo
    :mega: 4 hours 20 minutes remaining until the biggest pump on Binance today. Our target today will be high, we will attempt reach 50-60% gains and possibly more depending on how outsiders will react to our pump!
  3. Leotioo
    There are many good coins on Binance The coin we picked today is : :mt ( N ) ( X ) ( S ) :point_left:
  4. Leotioo
    here are many good coins on Binance The coin we picked today is : :mt ( B ) ( L ) ( Z ) :point_left:
  5. NgutiyenRhhivarez
    lên quá cung ko dám đu
  6. heatirtLohhLip
    seele ngon lắm
    múc thôi
  7. NgutiyenRhhivarez
    lên quá nên sợ đu; đang tìm điểm G để vô đây :c))))))))))))))))))))))))
  8. Mootinwalhhkin
    1 hour left!
  9. Mootinwalhhkin
    Pump results : Around 115 btc in volume which is amazing! Our buy power in the first few minutes was very big and we managed to pump it over 30%. The amount of action was also very intense and there was alot of possibility to make profits during the pump after the initial spike. We believe we could have hit 50-70% easily if we didn't face the sell pressure at the start. In fact, after analyzing the data someone sold from 1500 to 1162 in 1 single 8 btc sell order which is something we have never seen happen before but we managed to bounce back from it with the help of our team bringing the price back at around 1300-1400. Our initial plan was for our team to push the price up to 2000 satoshis if this didn't happen which is unfortunate. The next pump hopefully we can avoid this. Overall it was a great pump with alot of action! We will announce the next pump soon, stay tuned.

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