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  1. BlatickSphhide
    but I dont know how can do that
  2. RobtiinDahhvid
    @namnguyen161099 check that out! While you do not directly mine UOS you will actually receive it from your mining activities :c))))))))))))))))))))))))
  3. Emmtianuehhl-U
  4. Chatirmanhhder
  5. Newtibie
    ok thanks =)
  6. KhotingDuhhyVI
    amazing. You guys are perfect match
  7. NhatitQuahhngN
  8. Nictiolashh-ul
    We are not only doing mining as you understand it, but we also offers graphic and AI computing, which provides a strong return on investment for the users. We then use those earned money or tokens, to buy our token UOS on the market and give it to the "miner".
  9. BlatickSphhide
  10. DuctiTung
    Vẫn nhớ a.thái gas . Thả tim anh nè :y. Tụt quần ra chịu phạt đi anh
  11. Plutito-AhhTOM
    good sound :c))))))))))))))))))))))))
  12. NhatitQuahhngN
  13. Emmtianuehhl-U
    I've one question for you guys, who is a gamer and what games you want to see on Ultra? Your turn. :dkmsml:irk:
  14. SuNtihiLThhao
    what problems will ULTRA solve ?
  15. LeLtian
    CS 1.6
  16. TritiPhunhhg
    Do you have market for sale game like steam
  17. Plutito-AhhTOM
  18. TritiPhunhhg
    And payment by ultra???
  19. DavtiidH
  20. MHyJAEF
    giàng ơi , pubg mobile LOL

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