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  1. tritieu
    @GripZhang @Czhanglin As i know Zoro token can be mining, so how can miners earn rewards? Does your team plan to burn token to balance the amount of mined tokens and values of them?
  2. MintihThahhiVB
    Okay, everyone, let's continue with your questions.
  3. MrAtillin
    Why can each person only buy up to 21 NEO ~ $ 255, how to buy more than an investor?
  4. RomtianNghho
    Other exchange, users use tools to buy that many people can not buy, do you have a way to fix it?
  5. Divtiira
    Please share to giàng ơi Zoro telegram group link
  6. KaititoKihhd
    what's make zoro unique?
  7. LThiCFYH
    Will Valve & Riot will involve in this progress of yours? :y
  8. tuotingcahht
    I don't know much about PIEXGO exchange, is this the first IEO of exchange?
  9. MrSLFVT
    how to list new token in your exchange? @GripZhang
  10. NgutiynDuhhyBo
    Your team has game industry experience more than 15 years so you can talk more about your team for everyone
  11. RittiaOcehhanE
    Btw, just 5 members there
  12. MintihThahhiVB
    Guys, please remember:Questions for exchange: @Czhanglin Questions for IEO project: @GripZhang
  13. tritieu
    no info in their website, ask them
  14. JohtinNg
  15. LThiCFYH
    well-noted with thanks
  16. MrAtillin
    Is there any benefit for long-term investors from piexgo exchange?@Czhanglin
  17. CzhtiangLhhin
    When the product will be out soon, the more than welcomed!!!
  18. tNgtiuyn
    Do you plan to buy back token and burn it? @Czhanglin
  19. tuotingcahht
    I see your project has other competitors, why did you choose this idea?
  20. JohtinNg
    zoro's way of joining is lottery or who comes first to serve? @Czhanglin

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