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    :iphone:CEO Binance Changpeng Zhao đã chọn một điện thoại thông minh mới.Binance Coin và stablecoin TrueUSD (TUSD), Maker (MKR) và USD Coin (USDC) đã được thêm vào Samsung s10. Vì vậy, flagship Hàn Quốc hỗ trợ 33 loại tiền điện tử.:iphone:CEO Binance Changpeng Zhao chose a new smartphone.Binance Coin and stablecoins TrueUSD (TUSD), Maker (MKR) and USD Coin (USDC) were added to the Samsung s10. So, the Korean flagship supports 33 cryptocurrencies.#BNB #Samsung
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    The 5 main candlestick scenarios
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    Market not moving today So just relax weekend

    Bitcoin H4Not a lot to update considering we are focused on HTF but like we mentioned before shorting here means you are shorting support. Price has since then reacted nicely to support. Until this level gives out we can’t trade against it. If you’re eager to short wait for 10020-10100 levels and or wait for a break and close below Daily OB.

    H1Price is ranging as you can see going from range low to range high back and forth. These ranges are my personal prime setups since you can easily distinguish which direction price will move once it runs stops in forms of swing highs and swing lows.As of now we have an hourly orderblock (grey area) that’s held price down along with price taking out a swing high. If you’re looking to long wait for price to get back above grey block that would be a break in market structure. If you’re looking to short wait to trade below EQ (0.5) and aim and range low untapped liquidity (x).Simple.
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    OrderFlow:Very simply lesson on orderflow. The left image portrays the current price action across all majors. Clear downtrend creating lower highs and lower lows.You want price to break this cycle to call for a possible reversal. Wait for a break on this market structure as seen on the right image.
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    Big Big News just live:rocket:BNB moon :waning_crescent_moon:
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    This Is ASU update :point_up::point_up::point_up:bitcoin Daily Recap Focusing on HTF is key. This daily range has proved worthy having price sweep range low straight into daily ob and close back above. No closes below yet a lot of people were calling for sub 8k levels. You need to take your time and play it level by level. EQ next (10900) From there we either close above and make our move to range high and or reject and we find support below. It’s important to play the trend and as for now any pullbacks with good reaction on newly formed demand levels are key for long reaction.

    BTC LessonHow I personally play setups: This was a previous setup of mine with detailed notes on the chart. 1. Identify the trend and see where it goes and what it does. Rejects at red line, short term bearish market structure still intact until we break out we must assume price is going down.2. Price exhausts- accumulates- range low forms (swing low) 3. Red line- market structure is officially broken for given time frame we are officially looking for Longs after break in MS. 4. Bullish ob formed- institutional level they led to the break of market structure 5. Range high/ swing high forms- further price exhaustion. The only difference is we are looking for Longs after the break in MS not shorts. 6. Price revisits range low/swing low and “runs the stops” simply meaning everyone that longed the first impulsive move has their stops set at these swing levels. Market makers: bigger players looking to fill their longs use everyone’s stop to fill their larger order. Price can now move up7. Revisits orderblock and is officially a defended level by institutional players since they have now filled their own orders. This is our long trigger, the reaction + the close back above orderblocks.Enter long8. Take profit area. Identify a logical point of take profit in this case being the sell side liquidity.9. Result: 4.84RR high rr setup for a short time frame play.
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    LIVE NOW!Battle for the Crown:crown: Trading Competition Period: 2019/09/03 4:00 AM - 2019/09/08 00:00 AM (UTC).Highest ROI % gains at the end of the competition wins!Grab your $100,000 free testnet funds & show off your trading skills!:moneybag:1st place - 100 BNB:moneybag:2nd-3rd place - 50 BNB each (Prizes will be split across Facebook/Twitter/Weibo so may the best traders win!)A combined top 10 leaderboard (including social media handle & platform) will be released every 24 hours.
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    BTC Pumping :tkh

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    Đây có thể là lý do BTC pump Reason BTC pump :tkh
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    China USA negotiation will be planedBTC MAY BE DUMPED.

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    Open Interest nearing 1Billion one of the highest we’ve had this year.Huge moving coming. The type of move that can give you some really bad slippage if you’re on the wrong side of the spectrum. It’s best to wait out and play the continuation range that forms.
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    May this news pumped BTC

    BTC Pump and Dump May big dump coming again

    Dumping Hard more
    As i told u :c)))):c)))):c))))I think big dump will be come more
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    As mentioned wait for the market to decide then let’s see what range builds. Time to see the market range and then enter. Be safe on weekend chop aswell. Fake to the upside followed by a 700$ move down.Those who had their stops around 10500 area just got slippage and filled around 10200 region. 300$ slippage.
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    Đi chơi hả anh
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