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  1. Cờ ríp tô cơ rừn si
    We are a group of Vietnamese expertise with full of disruptive technology enthusiastic. We teamed up to promote the blockchain technologies and exchange our knowledge. We believe in future of distributed systems, a social of per-to-per assets as well as the transparency without the involvement of third party.

    What are services to provide:

    - Analyze whole project
    • Scoping study
    • Provision of insight logical business
    • Provision of whole eco-system monetization
    • Provision of suggestion of niche market
    • Rough estimation of required resources
    - Community development advisory
    • Give show case of similar projects
    • Strategy development
    • Ecosystem development
    • Use case development
    • Implementation strategy
    • Pilot program analysis
    - Technical service
    • Infrustructure develpment service
    • Consensus algorithism proposion
    • Technical parameter proposion
    • Technical recourse proposion
    • Project plan proposion
    • White-paper proposion
    • Road-map proposion
    • Technical development proposion
    • Testnet plaination
    • Mainnet launch plan
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