RAM sharing model in EOS

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    This surely is the first and foremost facility ever implemented. Block.one has conducted some test to see how ecosystem react and allocate RAM (database space) to those who get staked.

    On their new version (DAWN 4.0) they decided to implement Bancor's algorithm.
    Base on their calculation if 1TB of RAM was allocated then the cost-per-byte would be $0.018 (assuming $20/token).

    In fact, not everyone needs RAM that they are granted so that initially pricing of RAM at $0.000018 per byte (assuming $20/token). New accounts need about 4KB of RAM which means it will cost them about $0.10.

    As a result, in this model as you can see, RAM presents for price and it would increase over the year which avoid the system runs out of RAM.

    Over time Moore’s law will allow block producers to upgrade to 4TB or even 16TB of RAM and this increase in supply will trickle into the the EOSIO RAM market lowering prices.

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