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  1. NastiserAhhlhumood
    hahaha I don't believe in conspiracy theories but why would anyone keep 7k btc in binance :c))))
  2. JoshQFFV
    Tbh I would keep 7k BTC would have sold a lot of that :c))))
    Take it and run :runner:♂
  3. pleti8DN
    The conspiracy theory crossed my mind too... ‘look, we got hacked, but we’ll cover all the losses!!’
  4. NastiserAhhlhumood
    I'd sell 1k BTC for cash, and 1k btc and buy alts with it, and keep 5k btc stored in cold wallets.. buy an island with the cash and disappear for 10 years
  5. JoshQFFV
    Why not sell most of it and disappear forever :c))))
  6. NastiserAhhlhumood
    i want my kids and grand kids to have a future too :c))))
  7. JoshQFFV
    Ahh give em some trust funds, you’d have plenty to go around :c))))
  8. MortidicEhhmin
    Would be a nice staking:dkmsml:ile:
  9. ChrtiistihhanRiveracolon
    Guys I’m new on this 250k ada is a good bag to start
  10. NastiserAhhlhumood
    for long yeah absolutely
  11. Adam16UD
    Anyone having difficulty logging into Binance?
  12. MortidicEhhmin
    Good chunk to start up with:ok_hand:
  13. ChrtiistihhanRiveracolon
    Thanks guys good to kno
  14. NoDtiramahhPiranha
    Funds are SAFU!
  15. Adam16UD
    Not to be rude, but you could go into any crypto channel and ask, "Hey I hold $20,000 of X is this enough?" and they'll all say yes, "Yes."
  16. NoDtiramahhPiranha
    Hey I hold three fiddy ADA is that enough?
  17. Adam16UD
    Depends. You trying to go from purchasing a gum ball to a king size reeses cup? Then sure.
  18. PiZO8S
    Two should do it
  19. NoDtiramahhPiranha
    $100k each I can pay off my house
  20. Stotirj

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