Understand EOS's governance model in reality

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  1. EOS
    EOS has inflation of 5% every year, and that will be distributed to BP and for an account as a community fund for its development.

    To be more clear please take a look at that picture for illustration.

    So for BPs and their substitute 1% will be allocated while 4% will fund for community development.
    Furthermore, that 1% will be contributed among BPs. While 21 BP will be accounted for 0.25%, other BP will get 0.75 % base on votes they receive and blocks they produce.

    For quick Math, 21 BP will get about 2.500.000 EOS and the other will take roughly 7.500.000 EOS.

    Let's assume that the price of EOS will be stable at the rate of 21 USD then an active BP will get (2.500.000 / 21) * 21 = 2.5 million USD a year.

    But that's not what they earn cause they have to share among their voter.

    What do you think about this? Please share your opinion below.

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